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It’s true, this place could be a metaphor for happiness. Depending on your level or need, for urbanism.. This may or may not, be your cup of Starbucks. But for myself and bae ( I’ve always wanted to say that ) it is pretty damn soul filling in all its’ snowy winter wonderland, back to nature splendour.

For me this, Ness Creek mini mid winter get away, was just what the doctor ordered. Metaphorically speaking. Frigid temperatures and all.

Our little cabin was perfect and had everything we needed, aside from a bathroom and running water. If you’re into that kind of thing. I mean, whatever.

Not to worry there are flushing toilets and hot showers in another building just a hop skip and a jump away. Maybe two hops, but not far I promise.

There was plenty of cosy heat provided by some electric heaters and a fresh water jug in our kitchenette. I absolutely loved the wall wisdom, hand written with marker or pencil, on the walls and ceiling throughout the cabin.

A few steps away there was a community cabin called Ness Quarters with a washer/dryer and a fully equipped kitchen for communal use.

I brought a slow cooker, why is this something I needed to share? Well, let me tell you - In times of limited kitchen facilities, this or an insta pot can be your one- stop -pot life saving Swiss Army knife. It also helps fill the gap with no BBQ’ing option because in -30, those little tin grills just can’t keep up.

Had mother nature been a little less manic we would have Barbecued for sure. Brad and I really do love our camping( please refer back to bae reference). So this was a perfect little getaway.

One of my favourite little spots amongst all the cozy cabins and Boreal Forest was the warm and comfy straw bale house. Resident care taker Perry kept the wood burning stove going through out the day and past my bedtime, which isn’t saying much. .

It was glorious and oh so warm. Pretty sure I just got a shiver there. This sweet little straw bale house comes equipped with a kettle, fridge, couches, vintage record player, and an arsenal of vinyl for your groovy listening pleasure. When one talks of vinyl records groovy is perfectly acceptable verbiage.

There is also a flat screen TV. But given where we were, and the purpose of our little get away, it just seemed wrong to engage. I think it would have killed that “remote cabin in the woods vibe” Besides we can watch tv at home right?

Wifi is available but I think it works best in Ness Quarters. We didn’t have much of a signal in our cabin, but the cell service was great.

Cross country ski’s and snowshoe rentals are available, and there are plenty of groomed trails for the light of heart, and hard core outdoorsman. Pick and choose your level of pain my friends.

I really wanted to snowshoe but given the temperatures I was talked out of it. Ok fine, not much persuasion was needed.. so we went on a small hike instead. Which I decided was probably harder than the frickin snow shoeing, being the snow was up to my damn knees, (hence the sole purpose of snow shoes) my ski pants were 2 sizes to big, and I felt like I was hiking in a space suit. It was ridiculous, and I need to burn them, never to be worn again. I shall banish them forever.

Ski pants for sale

But all that aside we were submersed in the tranquility of a Northern forest with towering pines, and plenty of fresh air, I was at one with nature - and calories were burned.

The view from our cabin

The view from our cabin

Sometimes I forget just what Winter in the Sask can offer. I loved our little hike, caught up on some writing, read a book, and played some Scrabble. Perhaps snow shoeing or cross country skiing next time. Without the Ski pants.

We came, we saw, we kicked its’ ass - Sorry, I couldn’t resist. No ass was kicked, but if anyone remembers what movie that is from let me know in the comments below.

Our Ness Creek cabin was perfect and I really can’t wait to go back.

Side note for the “non” Saskatchewan readers - Numerous functions and annual music festivals are held out at Ness Creek in the summer months, when the air is not so Arctic. I hear it can be pretty busy. The beauty would remain the same, but I’m thinking the quality of mid winter tranquility could be affected. Regardless, I’ve never been in the summer months, so don’t take my word for it. I highly recommend arranging your own little adventure to this cool little gem, in Northern Saskatchewan.

Some buildings throughout Ness Creek camp

Thanks for the the love Ness Creek

Frosty nose hair smiles-



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