The predicted, and the unscripted, real life moments.  

The messy, in-between’s that make up a lifetime of love, laughter, and memories.  

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 - TD

Ninety Seven

Grandpa Russ - This birthday thing is some serious business

Grandpa Russ - This birthday thing is some serious business

This sweet soul turned 97 in December.

His name is Russel and he is my husbands paternal grandfather. The family gathered and celebrations were had.

Although some physical ailments have decided to challenge his everyday, this man still lives on his own and is sharp as a tack.

Russ like to keep up on the worlds current events, and loves challenging the ladies around town to a good game of crib. Much to his favour there are not many bachelors to compete with at his ripe age.

This wise guy has some serious quick wit, and his sense of humour brings a smile to my face whenever he is in the room.

Losing his wife of 65 years to cancer 9 years ago, I am in awe of his dedication to making each day the best it can be.

Happy birthday Grandpa Russ. I am inspired, blessed and oh so grateful to be a part of this family you created.

Cheers to you

xo TD



Cash + Fallon

Cash + Fallon