Born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada. I am the oldest and wisest of two girls ;)  

My dad was and Insurance agent/rock star. Just kidding.. not really though.  Weekdays were spent running his insurance agency with mom. Weekends were filled with playing base, strumming his acoustic, and singing a few on stage in some small town bar or curling rink with his band.   

Ma was a Psych Nurse, super mom, later turned insurance agent- So she could work with dad when they bought a little small town insurance agency back in the early 80's. They sold the agency many years ago, had a few stationary years in Calgary and have been moving around ever since. Alberta - B.C. - Arizona.. Living the dream I tell ya ;)

With a wandering, impatient soul, I have a deep love for travel, and exploring new places. I am brazenly defiant against the confines of a 9 - 5 work day and carry a deep enthusiasm for ancient history, and archaeology.  Minus forty or not my soul craves mother nature and the great outdoors. 

If I can stay up past 9pm its a good day. My prize at the end of it all is winding down with a glass (or bottle-why limit yourself) of red wine, nerdishly nose deep in a Nat Geo mag.  And while the articles are brilliant and educational,  you know I really obsess over those photos.  

Since I was a wee one I have been passionate about all animals and rescues. At age 9 (to my mothers horror) I scraped a very dead and bloody cat off the road and carried the dripping carcass 8 blocks home just to give it a proper burial.. true story. 

Free spirited, loud, and outgoing with some reclusive, and anxious on the side; I contradict myself at every turn.  Most days, I crack myself the f@ck up with my quick wit, & inappropriately timed sarcasm.. usually my own best audience.

Faithful to my new found soul quenching yoga practice, however my deep affections for wine, cooking, and just plain eating in general, sabatoge my constant quest for a healthier bod.  Just a couple of my many flaws people. . 

Proud momma of two brilliant and handsome men, who will always be little boys to me. With these little men grown and gone I am now submersed in freedom 40'something.. I miss those little boys daily but have found a deep appreciation for my new found self and freedom their adulthood departures have given me.  

Married to a good lookin' small town Saskatchewan boy, who is an electrician; Just like his pa, and brother, and sister in lawYou get the picture.  His strong will and passion for debate have kept us up around the campfire with many a late night dispute. But we always agree on our love of good food, adventure, and the great outdoors. 

Together we harbour and spoil rotten two mischievous rescue pooches Ayva & Abby. These two fur turds are most often running  the show..

I hope my photo's and blog amuse, intrigue, or inspire in some small way. Regardless - enjoy the view & safe travels my friends. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media.

Cheers ~TD