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A Seasonal Rant With A Side Of Tea

A Seasonal Rant With A Side Of Tea

Well I don’t know about you but I’m feeling this whole summer thing came and went way to fast. There has been no gradual easing into the crisp cool of fall. 

Leaves are turning scarlet and crimson and they always mesmerize and lull me into seasonal tolerance, like a campfire flame, while they twirl and drift to the dull ground below. Oh yes it’s beautiful, and damn picturesque, but I am just not ready to say goodbye to summer. Then I never really am.

My garden has ceased in growing. Those sneaky, opportunistic weeds are even boycotting growth at this point. I am slowly coming to terms with reality. Winter is coming, and its coming in hot! 

(For all you older folk that means fast and furious) I know right?  Your welcome.

So I decided to list a few of my favourite coping mechanisms that seem to ease these trying times of summers sudden departure. 

1. Morning coffee on the deck - although this takes place lately in toque and mitts, blanket, and a propane fire pit to stay thawed. I stay determined to this ritual for the sake of limited outdoor privileges in -35

2. Hot tub - It keeps a gal toasty warm and is still considered an outdoor activity, until I hear otherwise.

3. Shopping for fall wardrobe - Although the fall thing is depressing, the shopping thing is therapeutic, and its shopping... need I say more?

4. BBQ’ing - Up until the final moments those gale force winds, swirling snow drifts, and frigid temps keep the bbq from maintaining a steady cooking temp. I will cook on my friends. 

5. Sunday cooking in my kitchen- Seriously, I love to cook, and I’m pretty passionate about eating. Just sayin’ And the fresh produce available this time of year is insane!  It’s such a treat to be able to get back in the kitchen without having to worry about turning the house into a sauna. Yes we are some of the last few delusional souls on this planet who decided central air was not a necessity. Feel free to refer to blog post “Summer in the Sask” for an in depth tirade on that one.

6. Drink wine - Although not a seasonal past time, I do find that it goes exceptionally well with all of the activities listed above.

So there you have it. I hope my little coping list inspires or entertains at least a few of you. And please, If you have any kick ass - OMG winter is coming - this sucks - I wanna scream - summer is so gone - coping advice please leave in the comments below. I would love to add to my fall regime. 

For your always listening to my seasonal rants, I am sharing this recipe for an amazing and delicious tea. I know it doesn’t have wine in it, but I love it anyway.  Like really love, like its in my fridge at all times. On those cool fall days, It’s warm, and yummy and full of some insanely good stuff for your bod, and most definitely for the tummy. 

I first learned about it from my You Tube yoga guru Adriene. She calls it Yogi Tea . I’m good with that handle. 


In big soup pot full of water

WholeBlack peppercorns - about 20

Whole cloves  - 15’ish

Whole Cardamom pods split (smack with the flat of a knife) about 20

Cinnamon 3 - 5 sticks

Ginger root - no need to peel.  Slice the ginger about 8 slices (I keep mine in the freezer)

Black tea bag

Low boil for 30 - 45 minutes 

then add tea bag

low simmer for another 30 mins or more depending on how strong you like your tea

Smells amazing!

Strain it through a mesh strainer and discard. 

Pour into mason jars - I use my trusty gravy ladle

Store in fridge

Drink hot (reheat in small pot)

Just as delicious when it’s cold

I think it might be good with baileys. . .  I will report back on that.

mmm enjoy 

Thanks Adriene!


Cash + Fallon

Cash + Fallon