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Summer in the Sask

Summer in the Sask


Two things I know for sure. Summer is most definitely the best season of all in here in Saskatoon.  But the heat can be downright oppressive when one is not prepared, nor climatized.. or summerized if you will. 

And winter weather sucks ballz..   In a -- My skin on my face hurts and my lungs are collapsing from frozen air inhalation kind of way.

And the reason for this opinionated outburst? Perhaps the fact that upon writing this, it had been in the plus 30's for over a week, and in home air conditioning is a luxury I do not possess.  Dyson and I are having a turbulent love affair. It’s like he gets me, like really gets me.  Don’t tell Brad.  

Oh yes I do have air in my SUV,  and the trailer.  Living the dream people.   It is not unusual to see me driving around aimlessly in 30+ above. Or taking a random road trip to the lake, so my trailer can become my editing cave until mother nature regulates herself. 

And really is it that bad? Probably not. But in my defence I am a Canadian girl, born and raised, and we just are not used to long stretches of intense jungle heat with hormonal hot flashes on the side. I am used to sledding, snow banks, blizzards, and frosty beer by the backyard fire pit.  Between the hours of 2pm and 11:01 What can I say I'm a rebel.. ( damn you city of saskatoon)

Thats Abby, clearly annoyed by the 2pm - 11pm Fire pit burning bylaw

Thats Abby, clearly annoyed by the 2pm - 11pm Fire pit burning bylaw

Now it may seem like I’m bitching. I kinda am, but deep down, not really. Just voicing my discomfort and sweaty distress. There is a difference. 

Here is what makes this perspiring, peri-menopausal, on the verge of self combustion - glorious bitch smile. 

I swear I’m more creative in the summer. Ok probably not. But it feels that way.  It’s the energy in the air, and it changes for sure.   That chillin’ summer vibe if you will. The newly emerged greenery and all that springs to life after the chilly winter slumber.    

Or maybe it's our mischievous, backyard, nut hunting Squirrels hopping and running along the top of our fence tormenting our dogs. 

It's most definitely our delicious bountiful gardens, and giant shady trees. Camping and campfires. The smell of fresh cut grass, rolling thunder and fresh rains. Walks along the South Sask river.

My overgrown ferns to my right, rustling in the breeze, and straight ahead our giant towering poplar with leaves waving. They sound like ocean waves rolling up to shore. And all this as I sit outside, under my gazebo, writing these words.

And nothing tops our bright burning, horizon dominating sunsets, hence the handle "land of living skies".

Ahhh yes, it's summertime. 

With heat stroke looming I need to remind myself that our summer heat waves are so worth it.  And there are always a million and one kick ass things, (slight exaggeration but it's how I roll),  going on here in this great city/province this time of year. It's like we need to cram every festival and function into a hot and steamy 2 month period. Without a doubt there is something for everyone. 

Jazz Festival, music festivals, food festivals, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan , PrairieLilly river tour, hiking, camping, Lake life, ball games, football, picnics, BBQ’s .. Over 100,000 lakes, Waterfalls, ancient ruins, art galleries, museums, micro breweries, wineries, canoe trips, Kayaking, amazing golf courses,  You get the idea.  

Jazz Fest dog -   On a side note, bangs can be such a commitment . 

Jazz Fest dog -  On a side note, bangs can be such a commitment

Oh Saskatoon, you really are absolutely beautiful in the summertime with a river running through it all.

Breathe deep and soak it up my friends. It always seems to go by way to fast.  That miserable ass old man Winter is lurking in the background awaiting his icy return.  


So despite my temperature discomfort, am I gonna let this heat keep me down? Hell no! 

Am I going to run naked through town square?? Still nope! Ok the thought may have crossed my mind but I am fairly modest, and not that hormonally unstable, yet. And does Saskatoon even have a time square? 

I do love this place in all it’s summer glory. It is, despite my rant my most favourite time of year. I hope if you ever come to visit, you get to enjoy every perfect hot steamy moment, sprinkled with a few of our awe inspiring sunsets.

xx TD

Mountain Time

Mountain Time

Stacey Love - Educating the world one gram at a time

Stacey Love - Educating the world one gram at a time